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Harbor has three business units – Engineering, Compliance and Sustainability with our Digital Solutions group supporting all divisions. We believe that hiring and developing our staff is one of the most important goals.

Without a strong staff, we could not achieve our ultimate goal which is to provide the best service and be the most reliable resource possible to our clients.

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Compliance Division

Harbor’s Compliance Group was formed to bring together expertise in both the environmental and health/safety field in the same way most of our clients address both within their day-to-day responsibilities. We have developed a team of professionals with experience implementing and facilitating EHS compliance programs for a wide range of industries. Our core Compliance Services included EHS auditing, regulatory permitting for all media, permit-specific compliance tools, acquisition and merger assistance, EHS program development and on-site implementation, and training. View our list of Compliance Services here. 

Lisa Rotenberry 

Senior Director, EHS Compliance

501.663.8800 | 501.772.0016 | lisa.rotenberry@harborenv.com

Lisa Rotenberry has been with Harbor for over 10 years and has over 30 years of experience in the environmental and regulatory field. She has broad experience in the preparation of environmental permits and reports, compliance auditing, and project management related to air, solid waste, and stormwater. Harbor’s clients benefit from her ability to create innovative solutions for their environmental needs, while maintaining regulatory compliance. 


Compliance Staff

Engineering & Surveying Division

Harbor’s Engineering Division is led by Woody Martin, Director of Engineering and Andrew Rike, P.E., Vice-President of Engineering. The Engineering Division offers clients consulting in Civil Engineering, engineering assistance in Environmental projects, and most recently has added land surveying to its mix of services. At Harbor, our Engineering and Environmental Divisions work closely together on most projects. Our team consists of skilled, experienced professionals who allow us to provide quality service and solutions to our clients. 

Woody Martin, P.E. 

Director of Engineering 

501.663.8800 | 901.482.8019 | wmartin@harborenv.com

Woody Martin is a registered engineer in Arkansas and Tennessee with more than 27 years of experience in directing engineering teams in fields like manufacturing, construction, HVAC, and military operations.

Mr. Martin has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Memphis and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Managerial Finance from the University of Mississippi.

Engineering & Surveying Staff

Digital Solutions & Sustainability 

The Harbor Digital Solutions and Sustainability team consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds which enables us to provide the most cost-efficient solutions to our clients through standardized processes, procedures and attention to detail. This division handles a multitude of duties from Information Technology assistance, client software development and implementation. 

Marius Meyer 

Associate Director, Digital Solutions  

501.663.8800 | 630.253.1664 | mmeyer@harborenv.com

Marius Meyer joined Harbor in late 2018 as Associate Director of Systems to augment the team and expand the offerings of reporting and business intelligence information to our clients. With formal education in Chemical Engineering, Marius’ practical approach to solving environmental, safety, and engineering challenges for our clients has become a crucial asset.

Liz Harder, C.E.M. 

Director, Sustainability 

501.663.8800 | 520.396.0832 | lharder@harborenv.com 

Liz Harder has over a decade of experience at Harbor working on projects such as sustainability metrics tracking, carbon footprinting, Clean Air Act permitting, EPCRA reporting, NEPA Assessments, and hazardous waste reporting. Liz graduated Magna Cum Laude with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in both Environmental Science and Business and Economics. She has assisted on an Environmental Burden of Disease modeling project and has co-authored a climate change chapter in a book on environmental risks as well as two peer-reviewed articles.

Digital Solutions & Sustainability Staff 

Operations & Marketing 

The Harbor Operations team handles a multitude of duties including everyday operations, accounting functions, marketing and business development. 

Operations & Marketing Staff