Digital Solutions

Since Harbor’s inception the challenges we have witnessed for many of our clients centers around viable solutions to gather and report on Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability data and continues to become a necessity in today’s market for all our clients.

Harbor has the skilled professionals to bring together both the EHS compliance experience and systems implementation knowledge to assure assessment and implementation of the appropriate solution is successful.

Our Digital Solutions Group has over eight (8) years’ experience with the development, configuration, and implementation of the cloud-based Intelex EHS&Q Management Platform.

Harbor brings a systematic approach when preparing clients for configuring and deploying software. From the planning and scoping phase to end user training and support, we have tools and planning worksheets to ensure the system is built and configured to successfully achieve initial goals without losing sight of what the future may hold.

“Our goal is to equip our client’s end users with the knowledge of the system and the ability to understand data metrics so that all levels of personnel can use the data successfully. We build systems with sound integrity to facilitate easy platform and system updates, as necessary.” ~ Marius Meyer, Associate Director

Selecting and deploying the right EHS Management System or ESG Tracking software requires reviewing requirements, building a business case and finally decisions on the long term success as well as balancing financial outlay.  Harbor can work with your internal teams to organize, assess and recommend the best solutions.

Harbor works to ensure design and configuration of the recommended software is built for ease of scalability, ease of use and the practical capture of data that is critical for data analysis. We work towards best solution for our clients and that can many times include a solution that simply does require custom configuration.  As historically a division built on tranditional EHS Consulting, we understand how flexibility in configuration and design must be available.

Without a good reporting platform, data doesn’t tell the story necessary to provide information for necessary change.  Harbor has provided our clients with many customized solution to ensure reports/dashboards are available for each role whether user, manager or executive, data must be readily available on a real-time basis to make timely and confident decisions.

All software solutions require administration for typical platform updates, continual training, revision to reporting and user control/access.  Harbor provides cotninued operational services on a as needed basis or monthly/year administrative contracts. We can augment just about any aspect of managing the software platform from design to post go-live.

Microsoft Power BI

Have multiple software systems that capture all necessary data, but, need that consolidated?  Our team can build those connections to produce sophisticated reports and dashboards.

Intelex EHS&Q Software

Harbor is a partner with Intelex, an EHS&Q Management Software.  We have over eight (8) years experience in almost every module of Intelex design/configuration as well as a Level 4 ESG Certified Design Partner.

Custom Digital Solutions

Every client has different requirements and challenges.  We have built custom solutions in existing software such as excel and word as well as utilizing SQL and other programming tools to realize the solution that is right for our clients.