Advancing People & Planet together

Since 2007, our mission at Habor has remained steadfast: be the go-to resource and consulting firm for industrial, municipal, commercial, governmental, and military clients of all shapes and sizes. 

Today, we are excited to announce that Harbor has officially merged with Terracon to become Harbor, A Terracon Company. 

This strategic merger allows us to continue serving our clients locally, nationally, and internationally with expanded resources and expertise as part of Terracon’s extensive network of over 175 offices and 6,000+ employees nationwide. With this enhanced capability, we are better equipped than ever to provide comprehensive solutions and innovative services that meet the demands of today’s ever-changing industrial landscape. 


Harbor’s team of versatile engineers excel in transforming your vision into reality, whether it’s the revitalization of a manufacturing facility, the creation of a new restaurant, or the enhancement of your wastewater treatment plant. We’ve successfully completed projects of various sizes and complexities for municipalities, private and public utilities, and private developments, and we’re committed to delivering engineering solutions that surpass expectations.



We were started by EHS professionals, so we understand the challenges of navigating intricate regulations, permitting red tape, and the array of complex topics you encounter each day.  That’s why our Compliance team is trained in a vast number of EHS skill sets ranging from management system development, industrial hygiene, natural resources, to environmental assessments. We partner with you to create and establish a proactive EHS management system that is tailored to your unique requirements. 



Our Sustainability/ESG team possesses robust traditional environmental expertise, as well as the skills necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of auditable sustainability programs. From conducting materiality assessments and peer benchmarking, to developing target metrics and crafting roadmaps for success, our team guides you through every step. Whether you’re establishing your ESG program or looking to enhance an existing one, we offer comprehensive education tailored for all – from C-Suite executives to those tasked with metric tracking and calculation methodologies. 

Harbor Leadership


Leslie Davis

Leslie Davis 


Andrew Rike

Andrew Rike 

Principal – Engineering 

Tresa Adair

Tresa Adair 

VP Sustainability & Digital Solutions

Harbor Behaviors 


Here at Harbor, we are committed to the ‘Harbor Behaviors’ – six key behaviors that define how we work, what our clients can expect from us and the professionalism with which we conduct our everyday lives. 

Success doesn’t happen overnight:

it’s cultivated


10 Year Employee Retention Rate


15 Year Client Retention Rate

1. Make It Better

  • Define what the “WIN” is for every client and every situation.
  • Ensure we know exactly what it is we are trying to do.
  • Evaluation EVERYTHING.

2. Build Relationships

Go above and beyond to build bridges with clients in order to better meet their needs and help them succeed. 

3. Do What's Best for the Client

In all situations, act in the best interest of the client, even if it’s to our own detriment; be sincere in our commitment to the long-term success of the relationship. 

4. Work Like You're on a Stage

Create a feeling of warmth and friendliness in every client interaction, including calls, visits, voicemails, letters, emails, etc.; make dealing with you an extraordinary and memorable experience. 

5. Take Responsibility

Realize and understand that you are responsible for your own success; be proactive and persistent in all working relationships. 

6. Be Organized

Look to make systems and processes that support our ability to perform with consistency and be better prepared by anticipating future needs and addressing them today.