We were started by EHS professionals, so we understand the challenges of navigating intricate regulations, permitting red tape, and the array of complex topics you encounter each day. That’s why Harbor’s Compliance team is structured to support you – no matter who you are. 

Our mission is to serve EHS professionals, irrespective of experience, expertise, or specific needs, offering insights and expertise to complete your projects, helping you add time back to your day. 

Our team consists of environmental professionals from all backgrounds, trained in a vast number of EHS skill sets, including management system development, industrial hygiene, natural resources (including wetlands and endangered species), and environmental assessments. We want to understand your business, your obligations, and your vision for your future to create and establish a proactive EHS management system that is tailored to your unique requirements. 

Our Compliance Team offers expert assistance in four core areas:  Environmental, Health/Safety, Auditing and Process Safety Management.