Air Permits can be one of the most cumbersome types of environmental permits to obtain. At Harbor, we stress the importance of involving EHS personnel in the engineering and planning process early, whether it is through consultants or on-site staff. Our air permitting staff are experienced in the nuances of state and federal air regulations which allows us to identify opportunities for flexible, industry-friendly permits. 

Air Permitting & Compliance Services include: 

  • “Greenfield” Project Permitting 
  • Expansion Permitting (Minor/Major Source) 
  • General Permits 
  • Monthly, Semi-Annual and Annual Compliance reporting 
  • NSPS/NESHAP Applicability Determinations 
  • Air Dispersion Modeling 
  • Management System Development 
  • Regulatory Inspection Assistance 
  • Stack Testing Assistance 
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting 
  • Compliance Recordkeeping (on-and-off-site assistance)