Tresa Adair

Ms. Tresa Adair serves as Treasurer on Harbor’s Board of Directors and is the Vice President of Operations.  Ms. Adair develops strategies both in business development and opportunities as well as our marketing efforts. Over the past four years, Tresa has developed custom data systems for safety auditing reporting and as development/system manager for a select group of our clients EHS Management software systems.  Ms. Adair has served as Director of Marketing Communication Services at BioLab, Inc. out of Georgia (now Chemtura) and Sr. Production Manager, Marketing Communications for Putnam Investments headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. With Tresa’s combined marketing experience, finance background and affinity in assessing and developing systems for optimal efficiency and effectiveness offers many of our clients solutions not typically offered in other consulting firms.  She and the operations team continuously assess internal infrastructure to build systems and processes scalable and effective for growth of the company and serving our clients.


Strategic Planning | Client Communication Development/Planning/Design | EHS Management Software | Marketing and Brand Management | Financial Forecasting